EnablEd has developed activities ranging from targeted training workshops for an afternoon to multiday international symposia held in conjunction with academic, professional, and industry conferences.

  • Advisory board meetings: In these focused gatherings, key thought leaders are assembled to give advice and support regarding strategic and tactical decisions for an organization.
  • International preceptorships: Individual physicians in these programs complete a comprehensive curriculum that not only satisfies specific educational goals but also facilitates collaborations with recognized leaders in the given therapeutic area.
  • Investigator meetings: These meetings help foster a sense of community among researchers and ancillary staff, aid in transmission of consistent educational messages, and enhance opportunities for collaboration.
  • Pharmaceutical launch meetings: Identify and recruit key opinion leaders for global product launch programs.
  • Sales specialist training: Hosted at leading academic centers, these meetings provide the opportunity for sales specialists to better understand the roles of physicians through direct observation at teaching institutions. Through direct observation, sales specialists receive the complete picture of the interactions between healthcare professionals and patients, as well as experience how diagnostic procedures are performed.
  • Speaker training: Individual and group sessions can be tailored to build essential public-speaking skills and increase the effectiveness of message delivery.
  • Symposia: These national or international conferences, which offer researchers an important channel for information exchange, are characterized by an openly discursive format among attendees rather than a formal didactic approach. 
  • Think-tanks: These assemblies gather individuals and groups in support of research and advocacy for specific aspects of healthcare. 


All current meetings by invitation only.